A Poem


Struggling for something?

Almost hating it?

Put all your effort in it. Just for once!

Feeling that you can make it,

Passion starts rising into your gut

flowing through your veins, your heart and there it is in your hands.

You can almost see it! 

Hate turning into love,

grit is your new best mate 

because now you are resilient.

“How can I become resilient?”

Maybe you are a natural! 

Maybe your family, teachers, friends have always push you to give your best, to try again and again.

None of them?

May this poem reach your hands, your eyes, pass through your veins, your heart

As far as your gut.

May these words encourage you to turn what seems impossible into possible, 

to view challenges as opportunities.

This way you will smell the aroma of satisfaction.

You must have the possibility to become stronger and stronger,  

to become who you are, a better person than we are 

a treasure and a rock for the people you will meet,

a resilient human being.

Emanuela Gasparetto

While planning one of my lessons to captivate my students’ attention, the following poem suddenly emerged from the bottom of my heart. Its title is Resilient, and I would love to dedicate it to my students or, I should say to all students.