• Jacopo da Montagnana

    Have a bite and hit the road

    Imagine you are savouring a chocolate while watching the film Chocolate or you are sitting at the Ramen Bistro in Tokyo after watching the film The Ramen Girl. Some second-year students attending the Catering and Hospitality school have organised a Gala stimulating their guests' 5 senses with a sensory dinner or an exciting tour through the same picturesque film locations...

  • Jacopo da Montagnana

    A class project on ugly food and food waste

    Are there any criteria concerning fruits and vegetables look? Can Mother Nature tell us the difference between ugly and beautiful? No, She can’t. Everything that grows and blooms is a wonder to Her. There was a natural balance until one day human beings invented the aesthetic standards which are causing food waste all around the world. Too long, too big, too short, too colourful, too pale…. Too much Waste. Let’s imagine that, all of a sudden, human beings went blind!

  • Ideas

    Improving students’ speaking skills

    Pretending to be on holiday in their favourite city while forced in a distance learning environment, might cheers students up! Some first and second year students attending the catering and hospitality school made a video talking about their favourite city, their hometown, or a place they visited before the coronavirus outbreak. While recording their video, they improved their pronunciation, their vocabulary, accuracy and their self-esteem.

  • Jacopo da Montagnana

    Catering and hospitality during the coronavirus outbreak

    During this peculiar 2020, I have decided to give my students the opportunity to interview some experienced chefs who had to face first hand a tough time during the corona virus outbreak. The project is "An Interview with a Chef" and what emerged from these interviews is something remarkable! The future chefs have appreciated the answers they received from the restaurant's owners, and the words like "roll up your sleeves", "study hard", and "never give up", will remain an everlasting memory.