Jacopo da Montagnana

4AA-BC cooking and tourism students

Future chefs, aged 17 to 20, pretended to have their own restaurant and made dishes  using ugly but tasty vegetables or delicious fruits while tourism students designed advertisement for their recipes!

Giulia Spigolon and Chiara Silvestri present kiwi ice cream

Let’s meet Federico Bressan, Nicola Zanchetta and Luca Nicolini at “Dalle Do Ciacole” restaurant

Luca Bolognese, Daniele Lazebeu and Alberto Broggiato in “Cabbage SofegĂ ”

Let’s try banana pancakes with Teresa Dall’Aglio and Noemi Vezzon

Make a reservation at “Ugly-Delicious Restaurant” with Andrea Segantin, Adele Pasello and Alessio Tisato

Luca Bolognese, Daniele Lazebeu and Emmanuel Bocconcello in “Apple Fritters”

Lisa Bortolami and Mattia Albertin make persimmon cheesecake

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