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Students’ healthy recipes

Alexia Gorea
Elena Gonzato
Nicolò Regazzoni

Chefs Alexia Gorea, Elena Gonzato and Nicolò Regazzoni made wholemeal spaghetti with lentil balls and eggplant burgers.

Inspired by Daniele Nucci, their slogan has become “Healthy Eating goes hand in hand with smart spending”.

He also gave them the idea to prepare two dishes.

Elena, Nicolò and Alexia believe that smart spending can make the difference for our environment!

Today, as well known, the meat industry has a high impact on the environment because it causes gas emission.    

A diet based on the consumption of vegetables would have a lower and safer impact on climate.

Moreover, eating more vegetable proteins rather than animal ones, can reduce health problems related to cholesterol. Last but not least, thanks to their recipes you might discover that a burger can have a vegetarian face!

Alissa Narduolo

Chef Alissa Narduolo made a chestnut cake using Erythritol, a natural, zero calories sugar substitute. Doctor Gastaldi said it is important to reduce sugar consumption since it might cause inflammation.

Chiara Bellomi
Arianna Sartori

Chefs Chiara Bellomi made Tortelli surprise and she proved that saltless food can be tasty! She replaced salt with natural ingredients that have a special flavour.

Chef Arianna Sartori made a delicious vegan blackberry and strawberries tart using an alternative to sugar.

Clara Paluan

Chef Clara Paluan made mouth-watering Aubery-Pizza.

During the interview with doctor Gastaldi, students learned that it is essential to sleep at least 8 hours per night.

The evening meal with lighter food such as goat/sheep cheese or vegetables will help your digestion and give you a good night’s rest.

This recipe is complete because it has all the nutrients we need: we have the cheese proteins; little carbohydrates from the whole grain breadcrumbs; vegetable fiber and vitamin E coming from the extra virgin olive oil that has an antioxidant effect on our body. Look at the photo and you’ll see why Clara named it Aubery-Pizza!

Michelle Zampollo

Chef Michelle Zampollo made spinach and ricotta balls inspired by dieticians Alberto Gastaldi and Daniele Nucci who both encouraged teenagers to eat healthier foods!

In this recipe there are some ingredients that are good for our body. For example, spinach which contain many vitamins and they are also a good source of carotenoids; ricotta (goat ricotta if available would be better) which contains vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Eggs which provide our organism with a large quantity and quality of proteins. It is a simple, tasty and very light recipe.

Margherita Barollo
Letizia Centomo

Chefs Margherita Barollo and Letizia Centomo were inspired by the Home Alimental cooking class held by Doctor Nucci in Hong Kong.

Alessio Dema
Riccardo Costantin

Chefs Alessio Dema and Riccardo Costantin made Pasta and Beans, popularly known as “poor man’s meat”.

This recipe provides you with the full eight essential amino acids.

Elisa Tocchio
Dennis Bettinelli

Chefs Elisa Tocchio and Dennis Bettinelli  chose the phrase “Wholemeal is better” because during the interview with doctor Nucci, they learnt that it is better to prefer wholemeal products instead of refined ones.
While studying they found out that wholemeal  food  improves our  health because it contains fibre and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron; it is also rich in omega 3 and B vitamins. 

Gianluca Bellini
Omar Marcolongo

For the same reason chef Gianluca Bellini made tasty ravioli with spinach and ricotta. Yummy!

Chef Omar Marcolongo presents a variety of Ravioli with prawns. An explosion of flavour in a simple dish!

Nicole Pasqualini

Chef Nicole Pasqualini made Venere rice with shrimps, cherry tomatoes and courgettes. An appetizing and toothsome first course which really represents the Mediterranean cuisine.

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